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Burt Prelutsky: “Each time I see footage of the Democrats at Trump’s State of the Union speech I’m reminded of those sneering football players who spent the season getting more attention for what they were doing on the sidelines than what they were doing on the field. The 242 Democrats (49 senators, 193 House members) who sat on their hands even when Trump pledged to support family leave, something not even Obama called for, may have thought they were expressing their disapproval of the man, but I suspect that a great many Americans saw it for what it was; they were showing their contempt for those of us who had elected the man at the podium. They were taking a knee and giving the rest of us the finger. Perhaps the most telling moment came when Nancy Pelosi turned to glare over her right shoulder and appeared to be making sure that none of her stooges were caught applauding for veterans, an end to chain migration or the Pledge of Allegiance.”