The Patriot Post® · Taxpayers Scalped by Demos and Insurance Companies

By Robin Smith · ·

Oh, no you don’t, Senator Fauxcahontas! Last week, one of the chiefs of the Democrat Tribe, Elizabeth Warren, claimed, “Taxpayers are directly responsible for a huge proportion of those giant profits,” referring to the massive revenues of health insurance companies. That’s only true because taxpayer money was used by politicians posing as experts in health care economics. And for that we can thank Democrats.

Using her platform within the Democrats’ flock of mimicking parrots in the celebrity media, Warren, again, called for a Medicare system for all. By that, she means a government-run health care system that would hypothetically provide a universal plan — in other words, one that makes the government the customer as the entity that creates the rules and pays. The Democrat-presidential-wanna-be constructs an argument for socialized, government-controlled health care by claiming insurance companies have, through their evil cronyism, fleeced Americans of billions of dollars while offering substandard insurance policies for health care coverage.

Let’s get this right: It is because of government manipulation of one-sixth of the U.S. economy that we continue to see increasing prices in health care. When patients are not the customers and cannot make buying decisions for a service sought and rendered, prices end up being excessive. Want lower prices? Try the free market.

In fact, Warren stands as one of the barriers to creating the best health care at the most affordable price for the greatest number of people.

She bellowed last week about “wildly profitable” insurance companies that receive government subsidies — read: your tax dollars — as she demanded “fair treatment” for patients in her ongoing political argument for a single-payer health insurance system. But she neglected to mention that the “subsidies” to insurers that she correctly deems as cronyism are a result of a bill passed without a single Republican vote and signed into law by the previous Democrat president, Barack Obama, in March 2010. To be fair, Warren isn’t directly responsible because she wasn’t in the Senate at the time ObamaCare was foisted on us. That happened while Ms. Fake Indian Ancestry was still enjoying minority status on faculty at Harvard.

ObamaCare came with the guarantee BIG Lie that you could keep your doctor and plan, if you so desired, and that every family would enjoy a minimum of a $2,500 annual savings on the cost of their insurance. None of these talking points materialized because nothing about the bill permitted those outcomes. Failed policy created a bloated bureaucracy and a market tied up with red tape instead of increased access to better health care for reasonable prices.

For some reason, we’re reminded of President Ronald Reagan’s famous line: “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

Warren’s line of attack isn’t new. In January at the Families USA Conference, the Massachusetts senator declared, “And as we wrestle with insurance companies to get them to treat their customers a little better, keep in mind on this that taxpayers are directly responsible for a huge proportion of those giant profits. The top insurers in the United States pull in nearly 60% of their total revenue from Medicare and Medicaid — that is more than $200 billion in 2016 revenues coming directly from American taxpayers.”

Now, who is the customer if the patient is insured via Medicaid, Medicare or ObamaCare? Not the patient or consumer of health services. The customer in every one of these insurance policies that covers health services is the government. The government determines the coverage of each plan available. The government determines the reimbursement contract for medicines and services provided. The government pays the bill.

Not only does Warren have the market forces wrong, she and her fellow Democrats are feeding the failure. Unfortunately, it’s become a bipartisan affliction. While Republicans did repeal the individual mandate and ended the “death panels” that existed to ration care, many of these same politicians are also supporting billions of dollars more to be sent from the U.S. Treasury to bailout these insurance companies that lobbied for the failed policy of ObamaCare. As a trio of policy experts from the Heritage Foundation and Galen Institute summed it up, a bipartisan effort is underway to infuse “new federal spending into the veins of insurance companies that are hemorrhaging red ink on the Obamacare exchanges.”

As always in DC, the answer to government failure is more money and a bigger bureaucracy.

When the consumer is offered a service or product, he or she assesses the cost versus the benefit or need. Right now, there is no price transparency, as a rule, in health care. A few states are bravely knocking down the barrier to a free market of hidden costs of health care, but not at the federal level.

Currently, the buying power in the world of health insurance exists in the hands of the government — the federal or state government — not individuals. When more than 60% of the insurance business comes through a government entity, individuals have no voice.

Democrats are responsible for America’s less-than-optimal health care system because they created and enabled failure in a critical aspect of our economy that is controlled by corporate welfare and socialistic control. Warren ignores that inconvenient truth.

Reagan, again, was right when he surmised, “Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem.” Empower patients through effective policy that creates a consumer-driven health care system, not government-controlled health insurance policies.