The Supreme Court's Deferred Action for 'Dreamers'

The DACA program will continue indefinitely, which is a political win for both sides.

Political Editors · Feb. 27, 2018

Back in September, President Donald Trump moved to rescind Barack Obama’s unconstitutional order to bypass Congress and enact the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Trump even gave Congress six months to act, while negotiating with Democrats on immigration reform that included legalizing so-called “Dreamers,” the illegal alien children affected by DACA. Instead, Democrats shut down the government last month over it — a battle they lost. Democrats don’t want a deal, they want a campaign issue, though they’re overplaying their hand.

Meanwhile, legal challenges have continued. On Monday, the Supreme Court declined the Justice Department’s request to intervene, leaving the issue to be decided by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which previously blocked Trump’s March 5 deadline for ending DACA. That means the 700,000 people in the program can continue applying for work-permit renewals indefinitely, though no new applicants must be accepted. Legally, Trump has an open and shut case — except for the judicial despots occupying the Ninth Circuit. Without a deadline, however, even congressional Republicans have little motivation to settle the matter with an actual bill.

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro aptly sums up where things stand: “So, what’s changed? Not much. The media will be able to claim that Trump lost in court; Trump will be able to avoid beginning deportations, and blame the courts for it. While the media champion this ruling as a loss for Trump, on a political level, Trump didn’t lose anything at all.”

In related news, it appears Democrat Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf committed a federal felony by warning illegal aliens in her city of upcoming ICE raids. Let’s see if she faces any consequences.

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