Another Reason Leftists Don't Want Guns in Schools

They don't want their future gun-control enablers to become less fearful of firearms.

Jordan Candler · Feb. 28, 2018

Just so we’re clear, a “militarized” school system is not something anybody wants. In fact, we all wish that schools could be gun-free zones — not because of any anti-gun sentimentality but because non-violence by virtue of a civilized society would make it unnecessary. Sadly, the reality of our cultural debauchery renders this a pipe dream.

One reason our culture is so rotten is because leftists have desensitized our impressionable youth to a wide range of vileness and crassness. Things that were once “unheard of” are suddenly mainstream. But the opposite is also true: Things that were once mainstream are now contested as part of the Left’s push to ostracize the tried-and-true.

Which brings us full circle back to guns. America is often referred to as having a gun culture, and that’s an appropriate term. For centuries now, citizens have armed themselves. And for centuries, firearms were accepted as a normal product to have in the home. But it’s not unusual today to know someone, particularly in a non-rural area, who not only deplores guns but has never even touched one. Most leftists simply bemoan them as “scary.”

In other words, the Left — despite Hollywood’s obsession with depicting violence — has successfully and paradoxically made many Americans extremely sensitive to guns, which translates into broader support for gun control. It’s easy to hate guns (or anything for that matter) when you have no experience with them. The Left has exploited its constituents’ lack of knowledge about guns in an effort to stigmatize them.

That’s one major reason leftists will not accept more armed personnel in schools. To do so would actually help desensitize kids to firearms. These are the kids they are exploiting as human shields to enact more stringent gun control in the future. But these kids’ hanging around guns and realizing they aren’t the problem doesn’t help promote the Left’s gun-free-America agenda.

Until our culture changes, we really have no choice but to add guns in schools. In an ironic sense, this may do more than just deter crime; it could also prove to our young generation that firearms themselves aren’t the problem. It’s only when they’re in the wrong hands that they can become dangerous tools. Our cultural change begins when we get our priorities about sensitivity straight.

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