The Patriot Post® · Thursday Top Headlines

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  • Billy Graham honored in the halls where he witnessed (The Daily Signal)

  • Trump publicly spars with Republicans over due process, concealed carry, NRA influence at school safety session (Fox News)

  • Walmart raises minimum age to purchase guns, ammunition to 21 (The Washington Times)

  • ICE deputy director says “864 criminal aliens and public safety threats remain at large,” thanks to Oakland mayor’s warning (The Mercury News)

  • Pelosi slams ICE for arresting “hard-working, law-abiding,” “patriotic” illegal aliens (CNS News)

  • Americans and Russians fought a battle in Syria — it’s time to care (National Review)

  • Russian spies hacked the Olympics and tried to make it look like North Korea did it, U.S. officials say (The Washington Post)

  • Paul Manafort pleads not guilty to charges filed after Rick Gates plea deal (NBC News)

  • Mike Lee and Bernie Sanders come together to end U.S. involvement in Yemen (Washington Examiner)

  • YouTube secretly using Southern Poverty Law Center to police videos (The Daily Caller)

  • Administration sends Congress framework for prison reform (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Hope Hicks resigns as White House communications director (Fox News)

  • Humor: Delta pilot refuses to land until gun control legislation passed (The Onion)

  • Policy: Union policies to blame for lower pay for good teachers (The Daily Signal)

  • Policy: BPA safety confirmed again (Independent Women’s Forum)

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