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  • Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel gives hypocritical monologue, including anti-GOP jabs after first professing positivity (Fox News)

  • Dianne Feinstein touts research claiming the “assault weapon” ban reduced mass shootings (Reason)

  • Florida Senate rejects ban on assault weapons, votes to arm teachers (Reuters)

  • The kids are pawns: Democrats use Parkland students to get out the vote (Hot Air)

  • Over a third of Democrats would repeal Second Amendment (National Review)

  • Illegal immigrant from Mexico pleads guilty to using fake identity to steal $361,000 in government benefits (Fox News)

  • Former YouTube worker alleges discrimination against white, Asian men in suit (San Francisco)

  • Progressive activists look to courts to undermine the Electoral College (The Daily Signal)

  • Electrolux halts Tennessee project after Trump’s tariff announcement (ABC News)

  • Trump may reconsider tariff on aluminum and steel in exchange for new terms on NAFTA (The Washington Times)

  • “Kill Climate Deniers” begins in theaters (The Washington Times)

  • 10 years after Democrat-created financial crisis, Senate prepares to roll back banking rules (The Washington Post)

  • Policy: Xi’s “Putinization” of China is a massive wake-up for America (The Hill)

  • Policy: Three proposed food aid reforms could save countless lives at little cost (American Enterprise Institute)

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