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Monday Opinion

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Mar. 12, 2018

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Opinion in Brief

Marvin J. Folkertsma: “If a doppelgänger of Joseph Goebbels, the ‘poison dwarf’ propaganda minister of the Third Reich, were somehow to leap into the 21st century and embark on a Tocqueville-like tour of his country’s former enemy, probably he would be stunned by developments thought to have perished with the Nazis’ defeat in 1945. Of course, technological progress would dazzle any time traveler from that era, though Goebbels might huff that German science predicated many advances — but professional interests likely would dominate his observations. Some things would make him laugh: micro-aggressions, safe spaces, counseling for sensitive egos — are you kidding me? Others would evoke comparisons to practices more familiar to him, such as America’s huge ‘fake news’ industry — i.e., media lies — and Planned Parenthood’s annual slaughter of innocents. So much to see, so much to evaluate, so much to compare! Which of course is the whole point, especially because our fictional observer likely would agree with Leo Strauss, a German-American who in 1953 expressed astonishment about how a country ‘defeated on the battlefield … deprived its conquerors … of victory by imposing on them the yoke of its own thought.’ This yoke, of course, being National Socialist ideology.”

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