The Patriot Post® · Obama Don't Know Baseball

Barack Obama is generally about one thing: Barack Obama. Baseball’s Opening Day at the Washington Nationals’ home park was nothing new.

Obama threw out the ceremonial first pitch, but first donned his Chicago White Sox hat. The Nationals were playing the Phillies, not the White Sox, and for anyone who knows baseball, such a display is at best unnecessary.

Obama, naturally a lefty, proceeded to throw the ball way outside and to the left – which just might be a metaphor for his presidency.

The not-so-Cy Young candidate then went to the broadcast booth for an interview, where he was asked, “Who was one of your favorite White Sox players growing up?” The consummate politician couldn’t answer the question, opting to filibuster and triangulate instead. He stammered on about being an Oakland A’s fan while in Hawaii, liking some Cubs players too, etc. But he also, for at least the second time, mispronounced the White Sox old ballpark, saying “Cominskey” instead of Comiskey.

One would think a fan so devoted that he would snub local fans in favor of his home team’s cap would be able to name at least one favorite player or pronounce the name of the stadium correctly. But that’s life in the Obama White House – out of touch and arrogant.