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Wednesday Short Cuts

"President Trump is right in saying that a special counsel should never have been appointed." —Alan Dershowitz

Political Editors · Mar. 21, 2018

Upright: “If there is one enduring lesson from ‘Dirty Jobs,’ it’s the fact that those people as a group are having a better time and were more connected to their work than the vast majority of people I know who make great white-collar livings. It’s just an inconvenient truth.” —Mike Rowe

For the record: “President Trump is right in saying that a special counsel should never have been appointed to investigate the so-called Russian connection. There was no evidence of any crime committed by the Trump administration. But there was plenty of evidence that Russian operatives had tried to interfere with the 2016 presidential election, and perhaps other elections, in the hope of destabilizing democracy.” —Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz

Bitter much? “[An Ivanka Trump presidency is] not going to happen. … We don’t want any more inexperienced Trumps in the White House. … I think the American people have seen for themselves what happens when a reality-TV candidate wins. I really believe there’s an enormous amount of pent-up energy to take our country back away from the Trump administration.” —Hillary Clinton, who probably thinks a Chelsea Clinton presidency is entirely plausible

Memo to Hillary: “The election’s over and is past. … The reality is we have to [focus on] this coming ‘18 election — forget 2020.” —Sen. Cory Booker

Setting the record straight: “I think that people’s distrust of [Hillary] isn’t that everybody is sexist or misogynist; she vexes people and they don’t know what to make of her.” —former Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri

The BIG Lie: “As the attacks on me and my fellow Black representatives in Congress intensify, I want to be clear: this is a smear by factions on the right who want to pit the Jewish community and the Black community against each other, and distract from the hatred and bigotry on display by the president and the white supremacists who stormed Charlottesville this summer with their anti-Semitic chants and Confederate flags. I declined to dignify questions raised about Mr. Farrakhan because I know they are inherently political, and are designed to separate me from people who I work with every day on issues of importance for Americans of all backgrounds.” —Rep. Keith Ellison

And last… “Odd that CNN isn’t wall-to-wall with [this week’s] school shooting survivors grateful for the armed security guard that saved their lives.” —Twitter satirist @hale_razor

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