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Apr. 5, 2018

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Tony Perkins: “Believe it or not, Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards is a huge believer in adoption. For dogs. Tuesday, before heading out on a national book tour, the boss of America’s richest abortion business decided to act out the title of her new memoir: Make Trouble. In a Twitter post that struck most people as either incredibly insensitive or shockingly unaware, Richards took a moment to pitch what her organization usually doesn’t: compassion. Above a picture of her dachshund, Richards encourages people to #AdoptDontShop. … In its latest annual report, Planned Parenthood could only claim one adoption referral for every 83 abortions. … Richards’s 12 years have proven how lucrative Planned Parenthood’s killing machine can be. Sitting on a record-setting $1.45 billion in revenue, the group can afford its pet political projects and massive leadership salaries. (At last check, Richards made $700,000 a year — almost twice the salary of the president of the United States.) Not bad for a ‘nonprofit.’ … The next time Planned Parenthood’s president wants to rescue something, she might want to consider the next generation.”

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