The Patriot Post® · Dems' Goal: Make Illegals a Legal Voting Block

By Political Editors ·

The Democrat party used to tout itself as the party most concerned with representing the working middle class, blue-collar America, the little guy. Under this guise, Democrat candidates would embrace trade unions while regularly preaching against the abuses of big business. However, over the last few years Democrats have taken a harder turn to the Left. A radical leftism has grown within the party ranks, and the party of the “little guy” has turned up its nose at middle America. In stead of seeking to advocate for the rights of everyday Americans, Democrats are now mocking them and labeling them as the problem.

The politics of class warfare has long been a staple of the Democrat party and it has always been home to an elitist class desiring to force its socialist ideology upon the rest of America. However, this elitism has never been so pronounced or so out of touch with everyday Americans as it is today. Democrats, it can be argued, are campaigning against America and its history. And nowhere is this reality more evident than in the sanctuary state of California — a state long controlled by Democrats.

In 2013, California passed Assembly Bill 60, which granted illegal aliens the right to obtain legal driver’s licenses. Since the bill’s passage, more than one million illegals have obtained licenses. Investor’s Business Daily explains, “Providing documents to ‘undocumented immigrants,’ of course, merely makes them ‘immigrants.’ That’s the intent, we suppose, of a law that makes it not only legal but easy to remain in California, even if you commit felonies once you are here. All they have to do, thanks to that 2013 law, is ‘prove their identity and residence within the state.’”

Democrats are transitioning from using the issue of illegal immigration as a means for advocating higher wages to now turning and pressing for legalization of illegals as the party seeks to build a new voter bloc to replace the largely abandoned middle working class and blue-collar Americans and their values. How else does one explain the comments from presumed 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris? Harris tweeted last month, “For the second year in a row, few undocumented youth applied for financial aid in California because they are distrustful of our government. This is a direct product of Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda. No one in America should ever have to live in fear of our government.” The intent is clear, Democrats’ long-term strategy and goal is to make illegal aliens legal, granting them the right to vote, and in so doing replace their dwindling traditional base.