The Patriot Post® · Friday Top Headlines

By Political Editors ·

  • 103,000 jobs created in March, vs. 193,000 jobs expected (CNBC)

  • U.S. trade deficit hits 10-year high (National Review)

  • Trump orders review of $100 billion more in tariffs on China (The Washington Times)

  • U.S. sanctions billionaire Deripaska and other Russian oligarchs (Bloomberg)

  • Democrats cry foul as GOP eyes move to cancel spending (The Hill)

  • Facebook’s data crackdown has two winners: Facebook and Google (Bloomberg)

  • Target’s $3.7M settlement in lawsuit alleging discrimination against blacks and Latinos (USA Today)

  • NYPD shoots unarmed man threatening others — it’s de Blasio’s turn (Fox News)

  • Kamala Harris attempts joke about killing Trump, Pence, or Sessions: “Does one of us have to come out alive?‘ (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Colorado students hold pro-Second Amendment walkout (The Daily Signal)

  • Humor: Fuming Rachel Maddow spends entire MSNBC show just pointing wildly at picture of Putin (The Onion)

  • Policy: The implications of tariffs to combat unfair Chinese trade practices (American Action Forum)

  • Policy: Trump’s pressure against North Korea is the best way to avoid war (Hudson Institute)

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