The Patriot Post® · Obama and Biden File Their Taxes

Barack Obama released his 2009 tax returns Thursday revealing that he and Michelle brought in $5.5 million in 2009, mostly due to book sales.

According to The Washington Times:

Estimates by charitable organizations show that most givers donate between 3 and 5 percent of their income.

Mr. Obama and first lady Michelle Obama exceeded that range. The First Couple gave 5.9 percent – or $329,000 – of their $5.5 million of income to charity in 2009.

We’ll give them half a cheer for their modest generosity in spreading their own wealth. And in fairness, we hasten to add that Obama donated the $1.4 million in Nobel Peace Prize award money to 10 charities as he promised when he was honored last year. Of course, the Obamas did pay $1.8 million in federal income taxes and another $163,303 in Illinois income taxes.

Joe and Jill Biden, on the other hand, were downright stingy with giving. On $333,000 in income in 2009, the Bidens gave a measly $4,820, or 1.44 percent, to charity. At least Joe did his “patriotic duty” and paid $71,147 in federal income taxes and $12,420 in Delaware income taxes. To liberals, it’s only generous if the government makes you do it.