Gillibrand's Mythical Version of the 2008 Financial Crisis

It was bad Democrat policies, not sexism, that was to blame for 2008 financial crisis.

Political Editors · May 17, 2018

“If it wasn’t Lehman Brothers but Lehman Sisters, we might not have had the [2008] financial collapse,” bloviated Kristen Gillibrand, the New York Democrat senator who’s running for president in 2020, in a recent panel discussion at the Center for American Progress Ideas Festival. Prior to that bald-faced sexist statement, Gillibrand argued, “The empowerment of women is so important throughout the economy. We don’t value women in society, and that’s just a fact.” And seeking to emphasize this “fact,” she added, “It’s not just, ‘I feel exposed and I’m tearing up because I’m not like a man.’ How about, ‘I’m tearing up because I’m so angry and frustrated and my emotional intelligence is what’s going to make this country succeed.’”

Talk about twisting nonsense and masquerading it as supposedly relevant political insight. The truth is that “facts” are what they are irrespective of how one’s “emotional intelligence” may feel they are.

One of the biggest political lies that Democrats perpetuate is the Marxist utopian fallacy that teaches equality of outcome is the only true measure for justice. So, in order to reach this desired end, Democrats have increasingly moved hard left using the subversive politics of class warfare — gender warfare, in this case, is one component. And while it’s indeed outright hypocrisy for Democrat leaders like Gillibrand to unapologetically promote outright sexism, it’s intentionally designed to highlight and elevate the desired constituency group to form cohesion around one commonality. Then, based upon that one primary commonality, a broad leftist political agenda is applied and said to best represent the needs of the group.

This explains how the organizers of the “Women’s March,” which claimed to be primarily interested in advocating for women, was in reality nothing more than a leftist anti-Trump political rally. Similarly, when Gillibrand talks about the “fact” that women are undervalued in society, she is using her gender as a means to connect to the lowest common denominator. The clear message is that true equal value for women can come only through electing Democrat women.

The other glaring issue here is one of policy. The 2008 financial collapse had nothing to do with sex; it had everything to do with Democrat policies driven by race. As Mark Alexander put it, the crisis “can trace its roots to Democrat initiatives to undermine free-market banking practices in favor of targeted constituencies.” In other words, creating an onerous system of regulations to meet out social justice to favored constituencies is what fomented the financial crisis. If the “Lehman Sisters” had operated under that system, the resulting meltdown would have been the same. Gillibrand just doesn’t want you to know that.

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