The Patriot Post® · Another 'Win' for Socialism in Venezuela

By Robin Smith ·

Venezuela held its national “elections” Sunday, and we’re shocked — shocked — to report that President Nicolas Maduro remains in office.

Food shortages. Parents leaving their children at orphanages to be fed. Military monthly pay at $10. No medicine. No toilet paper. Inflation estimated to by 653% with currency that is virtually worthless. Electrical blackouts. Add to this list a rigged election to keep a corrupt tyrant in power and you have the poster child of socialism’s failure: the country of Venezuela.

Why should Americans care about the implosion of this South American nation whose population of 30 million is smaller than that of California? That’s simple: Venezuela is the result of the policies pushed by American Democrats.

Since 1999, two million Venezuelans have fled. Crime is soaring as the masses suffer overwhelming poverty. The only people who have protections and provisions are those in power.

Venezuela remains rich in one particular resource: oil. But even that’s in serious trouble. In December 2017, America was importing 475,165 barrels of crude oil daily from Venezuela’s state-run oil company, PDVSA. That had fallen from almost 800,000 barrels daily just one year earlier. Venezuela is a nation with a capacity for vast wealth. But corruption metastasized and its government structure is killing this nation and its people.

How does a nation holding the world’s largest volume of oil reserves, as ranked in 2017 by OPEC and the U.S. Energy Information Administration, have such an impoverished people and unstable government?

When that question is posed to American Leftmedia outlets, the answer is “mismanagement” by its leaders. But these “reporters” are purposefully glossing over the real reason. Venezuela is on the verge of collapse due to the disease of collectivism. The Washington Post apologetically defends “a socialist system plagued with mismanagement,” but we can see the proof of failure in the very same piece. It catalogues 7,778 blackouts in three months, the surge of malaria, diphtheria, measles and tuberculosis, and rampant inflation that leaves a dozen eggs costing 480,000 bolívares — the equivalent of almost one week’s salary.

Hugo Chavez was elected in 1998 and established his reign by altering the nation’s constitution, dissolving the democratically elected congress and the nation’s supreme court. Calling for a revolution of popular democracy and equitable distribution of revenues, Chavez consolidated power to himself and to the state rather than restoring the voice to the nation’s citizens as advertised. 
Not only did the dictator eliminate term limits and take control of all aspects of the government and the military, Chavez terminated property rights in his self-described “revolutionary socialism.” Private companies were expropriated by the corrupt congress in the name of public interest. Chavez declared his commitment to “the elimination of capitalism” and defined his view of property rights as the ability for individuals to have “their personal belongings, but not control of the means of production.”

Oh, and don’t miss the law implemented in June 2012 that allowed only government officials to own weapons and ammunition.

How does this relate to the current dictator, Nicholas Maduro? He was a bus driver. He became a union leader and Chavez loyalist who was elected to the puppet congress and ultimately appointed foreign minister and vice president.

In his own words, Maduro has declared to the suffering people of Venezuela, “We’re all children of Chavez!”

Given yesterday’s dreadful voter turnout of about 17%, in contrast to over 60% in years past, the 21 million registered voters of Venezuela clearly understand that their votes don’t count. The system has been criminally and corruptly rigged with a system of government that destroys their ability not just to achieve, but to survive.

Keep that in mind when you hear the laughable statements from jabbering parrots of failed policy like comedian John Oliver on his HBO “news” show, “Last Week Tonight.” Oliver, like more serious Leftmedia counterparts, claims that the reason we’re watching our South American neighbors languish is because the greatness of socialism just needs a new manager. No, it’s not “epic mismanagement” killing political foes or holding more political prisoners than China and Cuba. It’s socialist thugs.

American Democrats created the great Nanny State, birthed with Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society.” He knew that replacing the family and the dignity of work and wealth would corral votes to those who promised the goods. After the “fundamental transformation of America” failed miserably with eight years of Barack Obama, Democrats are now peddling the “goodness” of Bernie Sanders — guaranteed jobs, a basic income without work, free college, free health care … and the list goes on and on.

But make no mistake: Socialism fails. Socialism sucks the life out of its citizens and empowers corruption and squalor. Socialism has never worked, and it should be rooted out in the United States. Don’t be fooled or lulled into inaction. It’s an election year. Beat back the policies that fail and defend Liberty.

Here’s John Oliver’s segment — language warning: