The Patriot Post® · Making Lemons Out of a Lemonade Stand

By Culture Beat ·

On a hot day in Denver, three young brothers, inspired by a desire to help someone less fortunate than they, decided a good way to raise some support funds was via selling lemonade. The boys’ mother explained, “The boys went online and they decided they wanted to help a child in another country less fortunate, and we found a place in Colorado Springs called Charity International, and they picked a five-year-old boy in Indonesia.” But sadly, as the old saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished. The boys thought they’d found the perfect spot to set up their lemonade only to have the police descend upon them and shut down their operation. The reason: Someone called the cops to complain the boys didn’t have a business permit.

What has happened to our society? Parents are less free to parent, as the authorities may be called if parents allow their children to play unattended in the front yard or walk to school by themselves. And police may be called in for children selling lemonade without a permit. None of these supposed infractions are immoral or abusive, and all were common practice in America just a generation ago.

Meanwhile, society is collapsing morally and with hardly anyone blinking an eye. Parents are pulling kids out of schools because of the degradation. But kids selling lemonade? Call the cops! The point is that, culturally, America has lost its sense of contextually understanding right from wrong or innocent intent from willful evil. And while the inmates run the asylum, parents are shoved aside by the nanny state.

Fortunately, there’s a bit of a happy ending here. The boys moved their stand just down the road to Colorado Springs. Let’s hope there aren’t any obnoxious busybodies there to stop them.

Country Time is coming to the rescue of lots of kids: