The Patriot Post® · Tuesday Top Headlines

By Media Editors ·

  • Trump interviews four Supreme Court candidates as decision nears (The Hill)

  • Meet the six stellar judges leading the pack on Trump’s Supreme Court short list (The Daily Signal)

  • Federal judge rules against indefinite detention of asylum-seekers (CNS News)

  • Quinnipiac: If Democrats retake the House this fall, they’ll have women to thank (Hot Air)

  • Rhode Island becomes first state to sue oil industry, seek damages for climate change (The Washington Times)

  • Trump administration to rescind Obama-era guidelines on race in college admissions (The Wall Street Journal)

  • DeVos agenda on higher education is a new front for Democrat resistance (NBC News)

  • Senators demand an explanation after the F-35 savings estimate is off by $600 million (Reason)

  • House Democrat server went “missing” soon after it became evidence in a cybersecurity probe (The Daily Caller)

  • Investigators broaden focus on Facebook’s role in sharing data with Cambridge Analytica (Chicago Tribune)

  • Policy: Trump’s chance to check the Court (Real Clear Policy)

  • Policy: To shrink budget “deficits,” shrink federal revenue collections (Real Clear Markets)