The Patriot Post® · Contrasting Party Visions — Hope vs. Despair

By Nate Jackson ·

Just ahead of Independence Day, we noted a Gallup poll revealing the chasm between Democrats and Republicans in terms of patriotism. Then the two political parties’ leaders proceeded to vividly illustrate the point.

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez marked Independence Day with a dour statement painting a dismal picture of America. “As we celebrate our nation’s independence, we recognize that America’s founding promise remains out of reach for too many families,” he complained. “Too many members of our society are still struggling to find a good-paying job or get the health care they need. Too many women, LGBTQ Americans, people of color, and people with disabilities still face inequality and injustice across our society. Everywhere we look, our most fundamental values are under attack.”

On that last count, he focused on the Supreme Court, which, after Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, President Donald Trump has the chance to shape. Because of recent Court decisions, Perez implies, workers’ rights, Muslims’ rights and women’s rights are all “under threat like never before.” And, he says, don’t forget all those children at the border.

For patriotic Americans, on the other hand, we’re encouraged by the Supreme Court upholding the Constitution and Rule of Law, however narrowly. We’re heartened by soaring consumer confidence, rising small business optimism and record wage increases to go along with record-low unemployment. We anticipate another good jobs report tomorrow.

In the Left’s alternate reality, Perez is busy whining that jobs aren’t “good-paying,” and leftists like Bill Maher are explicitly hoping for recession just to spite Trump.

As for Trump? He hosted the White House’s annual Independence Day picnic for military families. “Thank you for keeping America safe, strong, proud, mighty and free,” he said. “Our freedom only exists because there are brave Americans willing to give their lives to defend it and defend our great country,” he continued. “American Liberty has been earned through the blood, sweat and sacrifice of American patriots.”

Indeed, it isn’t the people who divide us, tear down our traditions and usurp our Liberty who make this nation great; it is Patriots who love our country enough to sacrifice for it. Quite a contrast.