SWAT Teams, Snipers and Guard ... Oh My!

SWAT teams and snipers deployed against Tea Partiers?

The National Guard sent to combat crime in Chicago?

Suing gunmakers in international court?

Welcome to ObamaWorld.

Apr. 30, 2010

Tea Partiers really should learn to quit being such violent radicals. (Wink, wink.) “The SWAT Team was called in [Wednesday] at the Quincy Tea Party Rally,” reports Jim Hoft of BigGovernment.com. Obama was speaking at the Oakley-Lindsey/Quincy Community Center that afternoon.

Not only were police in full riot gear to handle a few harmless old ladies, but they had snipers stationed on the roof. As Hoft quipped, they had to be prepared “just in case the grandmothers started throwing bingo chips at the building.”

Meanwhile, two Illinois state representatives are call for the National Guard to deploy against crime in Chicago. Democrats John Fritchey and LaShawn Ford want Gov. Pat Quinn, also a Democrat, to allow guardsmen to patrol the street to quell violence.

“Is this a drastic call to action? Of course it is,” Fritchey said. “Is it warranted when we are losing residents to gun violence at such an alarming rate? Without question. We are not talking about rolling tanks down the street or having armed guards on each corner.” No, says Fritchey, what we’re talking about is merely a “heightened presence on the streets.”

Obviously, this would be a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, which bars the use of military forces for law enforcement.

Secondly, when the Supreme Court overturns the city’s gun ban, citizens will be able to protect themselves and crime will go down – all without the National Guard.

Mayor Richard Daley won’t go down without a fight, though. In fact, he’s upping the ante and calling for Mexico and other nations to bring American gunmakers into the World Court in the Hague. Daley says, “We are shipping guns there by the truckload to people to kill each other. They’re not manufactured there. And we want the drugs that come from other countries that is a conduit, like a highway through Mexico, into the United States! And we sit like we have no responsibility. We should not ship any guns to Mexico.”

How about shipping Daley to Mexico?

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