The Patriot Post® · Voters View Democrats as 'Out of Step'

By Political Editors ·

Beware of pollaganda — our word for the Leftmedia practice of using polling to drive rather than reflect public opinion.

But with that caveat, the NBC/WSJ poll has historically been favorable to Democrats. Yet their most recent poll has some numbers that may bode unfavorably for the Democrats’ “blue wave” projections, especially in the wake of the party’s current hard-left hysterics. For example:

“When it comes to their approaches to issues, would you say that Democratic candidates for Congress are in the mainstream or out of step with American thinking?”

Out of step: 56%
Mainstream: 33%
Not sure 11%

At first glance, this seems like awful news for the Dems. But here’s how Republicans polled on the same question:

Out of step: 57%
Mainstream: 33%
Not sure 10%

So it’s a wash, right? Not so fast. Looking more deeply, we see that the Dems have dropped dramatically since July 2016, from +6 to -13, while the Republicans have improved slightly, from -18 to -14. If we were Democrats, we’d be really worried about this trend. (Polls tend to be lagging indicators, and their recent socialist uprising and calls to abolish ICE probably aren’t fully reflected in this number.)

Here’s another interesting question that was buried: “In general, do you believe that Republicans in Congress have been too close to Trump and have not stood up to him enough, have struck the right balance, or have not been close enough and have not stood by him enough?”

Too close: 38%
Right balance: 15%
Not close enough: 40%

That’s a pretty small “too close” number. And a gargantuan “not close enough” number. Trump out to be tweeting these numbers to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Also, the generic congressional ballot question is +6 for the Democrats, which is down from +10 last month. Meanwhile, Trump is +16 on the economy, and at 45% job approval, which is his highest number yet in the NBC/WSJ poll. (If the GDP numbers at the end of the week are anywhere near the 4% that folks are predicting, the “booming economy” meme will be even more firmly cemented in voters’ heads. And folks vote their pocketbooks.)

Turnout is everything, and a lot can happen between now and November, but this isn’t looking like a blue wave to us — much to the chagrin of James Comey, John Brennan, and all their co-conspirators. Let the investigation of the investigators continue.