The Patriot Post® · South Africa: When Social Justice Becomes Theft

By Robin Smith ·

Unbelievable. Simply tyrannical. It’s happening in our lifetime. The U.S. Constitution is being changed to permit land seizures by the government to take land from black farmers to give to white farmers based on the notion that the land was first possessed by a less-than-honest means. No wonder the press is screaming that Donald Trump’s a racist!

Oh, wait. It’s South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, working with the communist African National Congress, who is proposing changes to that nation’s constitution to take land from white farmers. Those farmers are the descendants of the European colonists who first settled the region and fought subsequent battles for the geographically favorable land at the southern-most tip of the African continent. Ramaphosa is working to collectivize and control the country’s farming infrastructure.

But why? Why would a nation ranked 77th in the world by The Heritage Foundation’s 2018 Index of Economic Freedom, with relatively positive commentary about the improved investments and reduction in tax burdens and trade barriers, seek to turn an entire sector of its economy into a state-controlled industry by the confiscation of private property to be reassigned to other owners?

While the anti-Trump media and governing elite parrot the narrative that Trump’s a racist, the same have been pretty silent on this developing issue. Their silence is likely a subtle response to the fact that President Trump recently spoke against this overreach. Put simply, whatever Donald Trump’s against, they’re for, and vice versa.

In this case, Trump heard what America heard. Fox News’s Tucker Carlson exposed the practice of racism in South Africa — perpetrated in the name of some collective punishment of white citizens through the confiscation of their personal property with no compensation. Trump’s response indicated he had instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to investigate the announced moves, leaving no doubt he rejected the practice.

Let’s extract the players in this global drama to focus not on the inflammatory personalities but the principles involved. This is where all nations playing footsie with the rising popularity of socialism and the ignorance of outcomes of this social justice brain rot need to perk up.

In the name of social justice, the president of a nation with a very high unemployment rate of over 25% has determined that the remedy to its out-of-work blacks (almost 30%) is to change its “laws” to permit the theft of legally possessed land of white farmers to redistribute the possession to nonwhite citizens. And, you might be asking, what crime has the white citizen population committed that has been supported by evidence and convicted in a court of law to have such restitution enforced as part of an act of justice? Good question.

Has this ever occurred? Surely, such tyrannical behavior has no place in modern-day history! Well, um, South Africa’s neighbor had its own “Land Reform” back in 1980 and it kinda didn’t work out so swell.

Zimbabwe, as described by Wikipedia, engaged in “an effort to more equitably distribute land between black subsistence farmers and white Zimbabweans of European ancestry … to alter the ethnic balance of land ownership.” From its beginnings, the program paid white farmers of European descent for their land. When the money ran out, the Zimbabwe government engaged in a “fast track” program to take the properties with no compensation. Not only were political structures shaken, the banking system was rocked with violence spurred by the natural conflict of government-sanctioned theft. That was followed by food shortages and two decades of economic loss, all in the name of some manufactured social justice.

See if this pattern seems vaguely familiar when compared to some of the tactics of the new Democratic Socialists gaining prominence in America: First, a victim group is identified. Second, the offending group is also identified, whether through actual offense in years (even centuries) past, or some manufactured status as “privileged” that allegedly causes material harm to the said victim group. Third, there is political intimidation. Pause here to think of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals (Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it), which serve as the common tactics of the Democrats. Once political intimidation may or may not work, there’s violence by a group of agitators in the name of protest and a faux morality accepted by those seeking a collective offender due for vigilante justice.

In the case of South Africa, reports of more than 400 white farmers being murdered during the last 12 months should be staggering. Instead, the Leftmedia is breathlessly trying to use Trump’s call for an investigation into the violence as some response to a white nationalist call. The media certainly has and will continue to omit remarks by a supporter of this government theft, militant activist Julius Melama, who alleges that only by death will he and his militants be stopped. He goes on to falsely claim that Jews are training the white right-wingers to be snipers for such a cause too protect white farmers.

So, social justice warriors, you’ve been exposed. Today’s prettied up socialism is no different from the same old Communism that murders, destroys, and corrupts, regardless of the cause or the continent.