The Patriot Post® · Democrats vs. Reality

By Nate Jackson ·

The Democrat Party is struggling to navigate the alternate reality its members have created. The progressive worldview says each person can have his/her/its own reality, untethered to truth and objective morality. That tension, along with collective Trump Derangement Syndrome, being so spooked by the Russian-collusion bogeyman that the DNC mistook a cybersecurity test for a hack, and bad fundraising, means it’s not easy being a donkey these days.

Over the weekend, the Democratic National Committee voted to modify its charter to account for “all” of the genders. There are, of course, only two, but hey, this is the modern Democrat Party. As National Review reports, the charter will now “define gender as being determined by self-identification and [will] include a classification for gender non-binary members.” Furthermore, “The previous charter required that all committees be divided evenly between men and women but, under the newly adopted system, committees ‘shall be as equally divided as practicable between men and women (determined by gender self-identification) meaning that the variance between men and women in the group cannot exceed one (1).’”

Sounds like fuzzy math to us.

“At the root of our diverse party is a commitment to inclusion and opportunity,” DNC Chair Tom Perez crowed in a statement. “By adopting this amendment, the Democratic National Committee is ensuring every Democrat feels welcome and embraced for who they are. This action reaffirms our solidarity with the LGBTQ community.”

This “choose your own identity” fantasy has its limits, however. Ask Rachel Dolezal, the white women who insists she’s black.

Meanwhile, the DNC reduced the power of superdelegates in its presidential primaries after the Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders debacle revealed that the “Democratic” Party wasn’t all that democratic.

Perhaps one answer to why these changes are happening now is to follow the money. DNC fundraising is down from previous cycles, and it’s raised about half the total for the Republican National Committee. Loyal donors are telling DNC politicos to buzz off “until they get their act together.” Some rank-and-file Democrats are just walking away. Amidst the trend of more Democrats becoming Trump-deranged, gender-fluid, full-on socialists, it’s no wonder.