The Patriot Post® · Labor Day and the American Worker

By Nate Jackson ·

Today is Labor Day, and that means the “unofficial” end of summer on a day of celebration of the American worker. The holiday originated in the late 19th century and was born of the labor movement, though many Americans, led by President Grover Cleveland, pushed for and secured a September date to distinguish it from the socialist/communist “International Workers Day,” or “May Day,” on May 1. Labor Day was made an official federal holiday in 1894.

In any event, let’s take the opportunity to survey some good things happening in the American economy and for the workers we celebrate.

Last year, Republicans in Congress passed — without a single Democrat vote — major tax reform, allowing Americans of all stripes to keep more of their own money. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump’s administration has enacted an aggressive agenda of deregulation. In part as a result of these moves, the economy is now growing at better than 4%, the headline unemployment rate is now below 4% (including record-low unemployment for minorities), and median household income is up more than 4%. It’s no wonder consumer confidence is the highest in two decades and optimism among blue-collar laborers is soaring.

Yes, we repeatedly highlight those numbers because the mainstream media would rather focus on Trump’s latest tweet or tiff. Why? Because a good economy is bad for Democrats.

In fact, Trump’s very election is a response to bad Democrat policy that created the financial crisis of 2008. After eight long years of economic stagnation under Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton really didn’t even bother campaigning in the “Rust Belt” and called an awful lot of Americans — the ones most hurt by the Obama economy — backwards, pessimistic, and downright “deplorable.” On the other hand, Trump was telling American workers that he remembered them and wanted to help them. That has become a mutually beneficial relationship.

So keep in mind that things are looking up, and with that, a happy Labor Day to those Americans taking a break from laboring today!