The Patriot Post® · Identity Politics Failed Democrats ... Again

By Robin Smith ·

“I’ve been saying for a very long time there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.” —former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

Albright is, of course, a Democrat fixture and a trusted friend and supporter of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Her February 2016 comment was meant to criticize and marginalize women who didn’t toe the angry-leftist line in supporting Clinton in the 2016 election. In that case, of course, there are a lot of women whose “sin” of thinking for themselves has them judged and sentenced for Hades.

The circus events of the last several weeks whirling around the Senate confirmation hearings of now-Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh reveal a great deal about the tremendous divide among those with XX chromosomal biology. Yes, the female gender does, indeed, have a biological code, complete with hormones unique to women. But those facts are either rejected or minimized by the political Left, which relies on identity politics to slice and dice individuals into segments of voters, framed with a narrative of a grievance aligned with the identity of that segmented voter group — women, blacks, homosexuals, illegal immigrants, etc. Of course, those grievances will be remedied only by Democrat-run government intervention.

The #MeToo movement was used in hopes that America would see a conservative jurist blocked from the Supreme Court by a broken woman, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who became a living, breathing victim willing to step up to expose a crime that had been perpetrated against her 36 years ago. The aim of the angry women on the Left was to provide a sense of justice to all women who had been harassed, assaulted, raped, or in any way abused by a man — particularly a man who, in their minds but with no evidence, had escaped confrontation and prosecution only to rise to great prominence due to his white, male biology. Democrats worked to galvanize all women around a surrogate target of hate that would influence the midterm votes of millions.

This #MeToo effort morphed into a #YouToo scenario: You, too, could see your brother, your son, your husband or yourself sitting accused of serious crimes with no evidence to support the allegations, yet facing public humiliation and the assassination of character and career. In the attempt to paint every man as a drunken fool driven by animalistic instincts without discipline or care, the militant women have successfully framed themselves to be emotionally incontinent, incapable of reason and critical thinking, and driven by their own feminine organs, which they wear as hats at protests.

Instead of identifying with women angry and aggrieved, there are more women, regardless of partisan identification, who have husbands, while imperfect, who are life partners and friends. There are more women who have those annoying brothers who always welcomed the advice and intervention of a sister in important moments in life. There are women, young and old, with sons, and those women now see a world without a system of justice, replaced by a hyper-politicized process that could publicly crucify her own child and his future.

Add to this reality the fact that conservative women don’t find their identity merely in a political label. Their identity doesn’t come with a set of emotions, grievances, or a victim status like a boxed Barbie complete with a themed wardrobe. It doesn’t come with a segregated menu of issues that all lead back to a demanded right to kill an unplanned or unwanted child in the womb.

With less than four weeks from the Nov. 6 elections, the Democrats’ much-hyped “blue wave” is jeopardized by a counterforce of conservative women standing alongside the men in their lives. Polling has captured the momentum of the highly energized angry female on the Left suddenly eclipsed by a 12-point surge of Republican women, who now lead the “enthusiasm gap” in a Marist poll that had them, back in July, as less concerned or engaged.

Maybe it’ll turn out that the Left’s fact-free assault on Brett Kavanaugh will backfire.

In 2004, the palette of issues that moved female voters revolved around security, hence, the push by the George W. Bush campaign for the security moms. In 2010, there were a field of female candidates endorsed by former Alaskan Governor and VP nominee Sarah Palin deemed the Mama Grizzlies. In 2018, women again play a vital role in the outcome of these critical midterm elections. This November, voters will decide whether America’s federal legislative body is run by those who are promoting chaos and mob rule driven by emotional malcontents and who turn individual citizens into subjects whose identity and rights come only from a massive government — or whether it’s run by those who guard the Liberty that authentically empowers individuals in a nation governed by the Rule of Law.

Which is it, #MeToo or #YouToo?