The Patriot Post® · Rosenstein Gets the Trump Thumbs Up

By Political Editors ·

On Monday, as President Donald Trump was on his way to travel down to Florida to speak at a police chief conference, he was asked by a reporter if he planned to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. “No, I don’t. No,” he replied, adding that he and Rosenstein “have a good relationship.” In fact, Rosenstein accompanied Trump on Air Force One down to Florida, presumably to further discuss the recent controversy over allegations that Rosenstein had suggested secretly recording Trump back in early 2017.

Recall that after The New York Times broke its story on Rosenstein’s apparent disloyalty, there was much speculation that Trump was about to send him packing. At the time, we noted what appeared to be an attempt by the Leftmedia to bait Trump into firing Rosenstein, so they could then allege that he had acted in a manner that obstructed justice. Given that Trump has made no secret of his disdain for Robert Mueller’s special investigation, repeatedly labeling it — or, more accurately, the “Russia collusion” angle of it — a witch hunt, “obstruction” is just about all they’ve got left to hope for.

Following the flight, Trump noted that he “had a good talk” with Rosenstein, adding, “I didn’t know Rod before. I’ve gotten to know him, and I get along very well with him.” Later on Monday Trump alluded to the Mueller investigation, stating, “I think we’ll be treated very fairly. Everybody understands there was no collusion. There’s no Russia. It was all made up by the Democrats.”

It would seem that Trump and company sniffed this rouse out and, knowing that there is nothing to support the dubious Russia-collusion allegation, are taking care to avoid any charge of obstruction of justice.