The Patriot Post® · Hillary Continues to Absolve Bill of Any #MeToo Guilt

By Thomas Gallatin ·

The biggest apologist for Bill Clinton’s record of sexual misconduct has been and remains to this day Hillary Clinton; she’s still standing by her man. In an interview on CBS’s “Sunday Morning,” Hillary was asked by Tony Dokoupil, “In retrospect, do you think Bill should’ve resigned in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal?” “Absolutely not,” Hillary responded. Dokoupil then asked, “It wasn’t an abuse of power?” Clinton shot back, “No. No.” Once again Dokoupil pressed the issue, noting, “There are people who look at the incident of the ‘90s and they say, 'A president of the United States cannot have a consensual relationship with an intern; the power imbalance is too great.’” “Who was an adult,” Hillary interjected.

Wait a second — wasn’t the #MeToo movement ignited precisely because of instances of powerful men using their positions of influence to take advantage of women in vulnerable positions beneath them? The Clinton/Lewinsky scandal is a textbook example — she was a 22-year-old intern and he was the 49-year-old president of the United States. And that’s not to mention Bill’s even more horrific record when he was governor of Arkansas. In fact, according to National Review’s Katherine Timpf, a total of 14 women have made accusations of sexual misconduct against Bill — anything from groping to exposure to actual rape. Hillary’s retort is a flailing attempt to distort the record on her husband’s abuse by suggesting that Bill isn’t guilty since Lewinsky was an adult at the time.

This is the same Hillary who has often criticized women who declined to vote Democrat, and more specifically failed to vote for her. Recall back in March when Hillary blamed her loss on women who succumbed to “pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.” Aren’t these women adults who are able to make their own decisions?

Meanwhile, Hillary’s record as a champion for women is little more than a facade. Over the years, she has repeatedly castigated and belittled women who dared to come forward with their stories of Bill’s abuse, calling them “sluts” and “whores.” Back in 1992, when allegations of Bill’s sexual misconduct surfaced during his presidential run, Hillary reportedly said, “Who is going to find out? These women are trash. Nobody’s going to believe them.” So much for her more recent contention, “To every survivor of sexual assault… You have the right to be believed.”

Hillary has demonstrated once again that she is a purely partisan animal. She is only interested in listening to women whose stories are politically expedient to her own desired aims, not the cause of actual justice. How else can she declare with a straight face that Justice Brett Kavanaugh is unfit for the Supreme Court due to the mere existence of unsubstantiated and refuted allegations from over 35 years ago, while at the same time insisting that the corroborated allegations against Bill are essentially insignificant?