The Patriot Post® · Scandal-Free? Hardly. Networks Bury Democrat Vice

By Jordan Candler ·

As we reported earlier this week, the recently released film “Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer” is being deliberately underreported. In a column discussing the censorship of the film, media watchdogs L. Brent Bozell and Tim Graham agree on the reason: “The networks simply do not want to tell the truth about abortion.”

Sadly, such sanitizing and protectionism go far beyond “Gosnell.” Whether it’s glossing over the atrocities of abortion or refusing to report on current scandals implicating high-profile Democrats, the media’s problem with concealing unflattering Democrat amoralism is systemic. In fact, NewsBusters recently chronicled six instances of Democrat scandals being ignored by media behemoths ABC, CBS, and NBC. These indecencies include:

  • Texas Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke, who falsely claimed to have not fled from a DUI crash two decades ago. The networks allotted the fib zero time.

  • Sen. Robert Menendez (NJ), whom the Senate Ethics Committee formally vilified in April for his having made a deal with a donor in which gifts were swapped for promotional support. A mere 49 seconds were devoted to the committee’s admonishment.

  • Sen. Claire McCaskill (MO), whose husband has profited $11 million-plus via “a business that buys up tax credits awarded to Missouri affordable housing developers and sells them to high-income entities seeking tax relief,” according to The Washington Free Beacon. ABC, CBS, and NBC have yet to mention it.

  • Jackson Costco, an ex-staffer of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who doxxed Republicans for their support of Supreme Court nominee-turned-Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The incident has received zero coverage.

  • Colorado gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis, who shoved an ex-female employee. Neither of the networks have reported on the situation.

  • DNC Deputy Chair Rep. Keith Ellison (MN), who is alleged to have been violent towards his ex-girlfriend. Given Ellison’s stature, this is a major allegation, yet a measly three minutes and 47 seconds have been devoted to it.

And there’s plenty of other material the media could but probably won’t cover. For example, CBS’s local Dallas affiliate reports, “Four women are facing felony charges, accused of being part of what Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office called an organized voter fraud ring in Fort Worth.” Unsurprisingly, “The indictments show several of the ballots in question were for Democratic candidates.”

Farther north, “The Minnesota Democratic Party has suspended a spokesman for calling for violence against Republicans even as two GOP candidates have been assaulted in suspected politically motivated attacks,” according to The Washington Free Beacon. The spokesman stated that leftists would “bring [Republicans] to the guillotine.”

Meanwhile, The Daily Wire says, “Law enforcement officials arrested a Democratic operative on Tuesday for attacking the female Republican campaign manager for Nevada GOP gubernatorial nominee Adam Laxalt, the second time this year that the operative has been arrested for allegedly physically attacking Republican women.”

For a Leftmedia that feasts on faux scandals, there’s no shortage of legitimate scandals to keep it happy if whistleblowing is truly what it’s pursuing. But the press would prefer to keep it a partisan affair. As Investor’s Business Daily writes, “In contrast, even minor scandals that involve no-name Republicans typically receive lavish coverage from these networks. … The obvious explanation is that they want to portray Republicans as corrupt, and Democrats pure as the driven snow. So they play up stories that fit this narrative, and ignore those that don’t. The worst form of media bias isn’t how they cover a story, but what they choose to cover in the first place.” Exactly.