The Patriot Post® · Monday Top Headlines

By Media Editors ·

  • Ragged, growing caravan of migrants continues march toward U.S. (Associated Press)

  • Trump vows to “turn away” caravan (Townhall)

  • New ad highlights the Left’s violent attacks on Republicans (The Daily Wire)

  • Mitch McConnell, wife harassed by leftists at Kentucky restaurant (Courier Journal)

  • HHS moves to reestablish a scientific definition of sex and gender; New York Times promptly goes into a meltdown (Hot Air)

  • Presumed innocent? Sen. Cory Booker accused of sexual assault by homosexual man (PJ Media)

  • Saudis admit Khashoggi was killed by interrogators (Bloomberg)

  • Trump says “major tax cut for middle-income people” coming in 10 days (Washington Examiner)

  • U.S. will pull out of nuke treaty with Russia that limited number of missiles (USA Today)

  • Russian election meddlers followed strict guidelines to create chaos online (The Washington Times)

  • Robert Mueller could end Russia probe after midterm elections (Washington Examiner)

  • Gallup confuses terms in poll showing high opposition to assault weapons ban (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Fifth Third Bank is the latest to ditch gun companies (2nd Vote)

  • Trump cuts regulations between western states and water supply (BPR)

  • Warren took DNA test to rebuild “trust in government” (Fox News)

  • Gosnell” being dropped from movie theaters despite solid performance (The Daily Wire)

  • Policy: America cannot afford for Congress to abandon the budget caps (The Daily Signal)

  • Policy: What is a fair tax code? (Investor’s Business Daily)

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