The Patriot Post® · Dems Welcome the Coming 'Caravasion' of Migrants

By Thomas Gallatin ·

As the 7,000-plus Central Americans who hope to invade the U.S. work their way across Mexico, President Donald Trump is busy endeavoring to prevent their illegal entry into the U.S. He has warned that the mob includes “criminals and unknown Middle Easterners” and that he had “alerted the Border Patrol and Military that this is a National Emergency.”

This throng of Central American migrants is not, as the mainstream media has asserted, a spontaneous event. This is an orchestrated, well-funded, and politically motivated caravan of invaders, which Mark Alexander refers to as a “caravasion” because immigrants wave the American flag while these invaders wave their own. Who is taking care of the massive logistics needed to organize and sustain a group of this size? The primary activist group behind the “caravasion” is called Pueblo Sin Fronteras (Village Without Borders) — the same group responsible for organizing the smaller caravan of migrants earlier this year.

Another intentional misrepresentation by the MSM is that this caravasion is trekking the entire 1,400-plus miles from Honduras to the U.S. southern border on foot. In reality, the migrants are making the majority of the journey in the back of trucks, stopping and walking for occasional photo ops.

Trump also called out Democrats for causing this problem, asserting, “What happened on the border is caused by the Democrats, because they won’t let anyone change immigration laws that are horrible.” And Trump is right; not only have Democrats remained silent on this latest caravasion threatening U.S. sovereignty, they have essentially invited it via their creation of law-defying “sanctuary cities” that harbor illegal aliens, coupled with their blatant calls for the abolishment of ICE.

The fact of the matter is that Democrats have moved so far to the extreme left that they have in practice if not in word embraced the globalist agenda of open borders. They, along with their cohorts in the MSM, intentionally obscure the clear delineation between legal and illegal immigration in an effort to paint Trump and Republicans as “anti-immigrant” bigots and racists for simply wanting to apply the fundamental right every nation enjoys — the right to control its own borders by regulating who is and is not allowed entry into the country. A country that does not control its own borders will quickly cease to be a country. This should not be a controversial or partisan issue, and yet Democrats have turned it into one. Why?

The short answer is political power. Some 51% of immigrants, both legal and illegal, depend on various forms of government welfare, compared to 31% of native-born citizens. Democrats would love nothing more than to expand this class of government dependents in order to secure future Democrat voters. Hence the Democrats’ anticipatory silence as they wait for the caravasion to hit the U.S. southern border just in time for the November elections.