The Patriot Post® · Election Shenanigans Continue a Week Later

By Thomas Gallatin ·

So who exactly is endangering democracy? Certainly not Republicans, notwithstanding the assertions of Democrats and the Leftmedia. On Monday evening, retired fighter pilot and Republican Rep. Martha McSally conceded defeat to anti-American Democrat Kyrsten Sinema in the Arizona Senate race. The result is a head-scratcher. How did Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey soundly defeat Democrat David Garcia by 330,000 votes and 15 percentage points while McSally, just beneath him on the ballot, lost by 40,000 votes? Did early voters miss the late-breaking news on Sinema’s disparaging remarks against Arizonians? Did President Donald Trump’s rumblings about birthright citizenship turn off moderate voters? Did the sorry records of the late John McCain or the outgoing Jeff Flake ruin McSally’s effort? In any case, the significant split in the Arizona vote is nigh unfathomable.

Then there’s Florida, where Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes is likely on her way out the door following the myriad of voting shenanigans on her watch. Politico chronicles the abuses: “Counting unlawful votes. Destroying ballots. Sunshine Law violations. Busted deadlines. So many controversies have bedeviled Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes — culminating in her office’s troubles in the aftermath of Florida’s chaotic 2018 elections — that her days in office are now numbered, insiders and lawmakers say.” She should have been removed years ago.

Meanwhile, Florida is in the midst of a recount of both the race for governor and U.S. Senate, and Palm Beach County elections supervisor Susan Bucher is complaining that the county will not be able to meet Thursday’s deadline. She blames bad voting equipment, which is laughable in one of the state’s wealthiest counties. By Florida law, if the county is unable to complete its recount by the deadline, then the originally recorded vote totals will be final. This would then confirm Republican victories for both the governorship and Senate and it would also most assuredly trigger Democrat lawsuits.

Speaking of lawsuits, the sore loser of the Georgia governor’s race, Democrat Stacey Abrams, filed a lawsuit asking a federal judge to allow the counting of votes cast outside the counties in which the voters were registered. Abrams contends that as long as the voters were Georgians it shouldn’t matter which county they are registered in.

Erick Erickson notes the dubious nature of this argument, writing, “State and county officials object because of the burdensome and ridiculous standard this would impose. Counties are responsible for their own voters. To be compelled to keep up with other counties’ voters would be too big a burden. Likewise, the alternative would be to centralize election processes with the Secretary of State. That is something Democrats in the state do not want as they are already convinced the Secretary of State tampered with the election despite a lack of evidence.”

Republican Brian Kemp’s margin of victory in the Georgia governor’s race is over 50,000 votes, with no more than 21,000 total outstanding votes remaining. In other words, even if 100% of the outstanding votes went to Abrams, she still has no possibility of winning. Her tactic here is to play up the false charge that Republicans are suppressing the vote, stealing the election, and endangering the democratic process. Nothing could be further from the truth, but the Leftmedia is more than willing to run with this despicable “neo Jim Crow” narrative.

It is Democrats, however, who will use whatever means necessary to steal elections or undermine the legitimacy of the victor.