Video: Endangered Syndrome

"One of the most heart-wrenching pro-life ad campaigns you've ever seen."

Media Editors · Nov. 17, 2018

The Daily Signal’s Kelsey Harkness writes:

Get ready to watch one of the most heart-wrenching pro-life ad campaigns you’ve ever seen.

It’s called “Endangered Syndrome,” and in it, children with Down syndrome dress up as endangered species—pandas, polar bears, and lions.


Because like endangered animals, in many parts of the world, children with Down syndrome are becoming critically endangered, if not extinct. The point is simple—if we care so much about endangered animals, shouldn’t we also care about endangered humans, too?

In the U.S., at least 67 percent of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted. In the U.K., that number is closer to 90 percent. In Denmark, it’s 98 percent.

In Iceland, the prospect of people with Down syndrome becoming extinct is not hypothetical. From 2004 to 2013, fewer than four babies with the disorder were born each year, according to the campaign. The abortion rate there for babies with Down syndrome is effectively 100 percent.

In 2017, CBS News infamously broadcasted a news report asking: “Is Iceland on track to eliminate Down syndrome?” The problem was, Iceland wasn’t eliminating Down syndrome; it was eliminating anyone who has it.

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