The Patriot Post® · Another MSM 'Bombshell' on Trump/Russia Collusion Falls Apart

By Thomas Gallatin ·

On Tuesday, Robert Mueller’s investigation made a surprising announcement — it was pulling out of its agreed plea deal with Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager. The Mueller team’s court filing gave the reason: “After signing the plea agreement, Manafort committed federal crimes by lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Special Counsel’s Office on a variety of subject matters, which constitute breaches of the agreement.” For his part, Manafort denied the allegation, saying through his legal team that “he believes he has provided truthful information and does not agree with the government’s characterization or that he has breached the agreement.”

Despite Leftmedia spin, the news is a blow to the Trump/Russia collusion narrative. Lacking evidence to support the collusion charge, Mueller seemingly needs someone connected to both the Trump campaign and the Russians who is willing to testify to the allegation. Mueller may have determined Manafort is not that man.

However, like clockwork, as soon as another piece of the vacuous collusion narrative begins to fall apart, the mainstream media runs to the rescue by peddling the latest dubiously sourced “bombshell” report. This time it came from The Guardian, which reported that “unnamed sources” claimed Manafort held “secret talks” with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the spring of 2016 — mere months before the organization released the hacked emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta. Boom! The collusion evidence we’ve long been waiting for!

Except for one huge problem: Both Manafort and Assange vehemently denied the story, which has no visitation records or corroborating evidence to support the assertion that any meetings between the two ever took place. And it’s not likely that Manafort could have easily avoided the 24/7 surveillance that Assange has been under ever since he first holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London back in 2012. Humorously, following Assange’s threat to pursue “all legal options against the Guardian” for its “totally false and deliberately libelous” story, the news agency started to soften and walk back its more damning assertions.

So, once again in the era of Trump Derangement Syndrome, the MSM rushes to uncritically publish any story that promotes a negative story against Trump — especially when it’s directly related to the Left’s favorite narrative: Trump/Russia collusion. No need to waste time on checking facts or sourcing evidence. So long as there are unnamed sources, every bit of hearsay will be published as if it were the gospel truth. And media pundits wonder why the vast majority of people have so little trust in the MSM.