The Patriot Post® · Homosexual California Demo Leader Brought Down by #MeToo

By Nate Jackson ·

California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman announced his resignation late last week after numerous accusations of sexual misconduct and harassment were leveled against him. “I have made the realization that in order for those to whom I may have caused pain and who need to heal, for my own health, and in the best interest of the party that I love and to which I have dedicated myself for more than 25 years, it is in everyone’s best interest for me to resign my position as chair of the California Democratic Party,” Bauman said. He added that he will “seek medical intervention to address serious, ongoing health issues and to begin treatment for what I now realize is an issue with alcohol.”

It’s almost not news anymore that a prominent and powerful man — more frequently than not a Democrat — is brought down for this sort of awful behavior if not outright crimes. But there are two things that make this one stand out: First, Bauman led the California Democrat Party, and the largest state’s party apparatus is quite significant. Second, though the LA Times and other news outlets are burying the lede, Bauman is homosexual and has been a prominent leader of the Rainbow Mafia “LGBT community” for many years. One must delve several paragraphs deep into the Times’s first coverage to find out, and even further to learn that many of the victims were men. #MeToo is all about women, you see.

And let’s be clear: Alcohol may have exacerbated Bauman’s problem, but the real issue isn’t, as he insists, “with alcohol.”

One other factor stood out to us, and it’s not different from almost any other #MeToo case — people around Bauman knew exactly what was going on but didn’t speak up. “People just didn’t know how to speak up about it,” said Allan Acevedo, a California Democrat homosexual activist. “There was a sense of loyalty. Not just to him, but to any advancement that any LGBT person makes in terms of us having representation at the table.” That’s right; many California Democrats put advancing the Rainbow Mafia’s agenda ahead of the health and well-being of people. Ironically, that, in a nutshell, typifies the movement itself.