The Patriot Post® · Climate Alarmists' Chicken Little Routine Over New CO2 Report

By Thomas Gallatin ·

“We are in trouble. We are in deep trouble with climate change,” UN Secretary General António Guterres declared at the UN climate conference in Poland this week. He added, “It is hard to overstate the urgency of our situation. Even as we witness devastating climate impacts causing havoc across the world, we are still not doing enough, nor moving fast enough, to prevent irreversible and catastrophic climate disruption.” What exactly the “havoc across the world” caused by “devastating climate change” actually was, he didn’t elaborate on.

It is exactly this type of hyperbolic pontificating — which relies on dubious computer-simulated climate models that have never accurately predicted the future global climate — that causes so many logically minded individuals to simply roll their eyes at the absurdity. We have less than 10 years left to prevent catastrophe, the climate alarmists declare. Wait, wasn’t New York City supposed to be underwater due to completely melted polar ice caps by now? What are alarmists going to be telling us 10 years from now?

Of course, global warming is all the fault of mankind people, because of human activity leading to increased levels of carbon dioxide. Never mind the fact that carbon dioxide only accounts for 0.04% of earth’s atmospheric gasses and that water vapor is a bigger contributor to the planet’s climate. And don’t focus on the primary source of earth’s temperatures, the sun, because, well, human activity can’t be blamed for what’s happening on the surface of the sun. No, we’re supposed to ignore all these greater, vastly more significant factors that most directly contribute to global temperatures and instead blame human industry, made that much more efficient by capitalism. Destroying free-market capitalism is the real agenda.

Indeed, limiting human industrial freedom that capitalism unlocks is exactly what the Paris climate agreement aimed to accomplish. It’s a wealth-redistribution scheme covered in the veneer of “science” and concern for preventing “catastrophic climate change,” as if limiting capitalistic enterprise and promoting the politics of globalist socialism is the only solution to a “problem” that alarmists continue to get wrong.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency plans to roll back Barack Obama’s coal-killing environmental regulations. The EPA’s new proposed coal-plant-emissions standard would allow up to 1,900 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt-hour, which is up from Obama’s 1,400 limit. As Reuters notes, “That Obama rule would have forced new plants to install carbon capture equipment that is not yet commercially available.” Which is why Obama’s rule effectively killed coal-powered plants.

Despite all this fearmongering, it is the U.S. — not a signatory to the Paris agreement like the rest of the world’s emitters — that is leading the world in reducing emissions. Keep that in mind the next time we’re told we’re not doing enough.