The Patriot Post® · Hypocrisy Illustrated: Ford Presents #MeToo Award

By Nate Jackson ·

Christine Blasey Ford was an unfortunate pawn in the Democrats’ reprehensible blockade of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. They used her uncorroborated, unsubstantiated, and unverifiable claims of mild sexual assault to attempt to ruin a good man. Once Kavanaugh was confirmed, however, they dropped her like a hot potato. But she’s still gaining notoriety in some circles.

Sports Illustrated announced that its “Inspiration of the Year” award winner was Rachel Denhollander, the gymnast and now lawyer who came forward to accuse former Michigan State and USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nasser of sexual assault. Denhollander’s accusations led to other women coming forward, and Nasser was convicted earlier this year and sentenced to 40-175 years in prison. He was found guilty in a court of law, and Denhollander’s courage led to his punishment. Sports Illustrated made a good choice. Unfortunately, that choice was marred by asking Ford to present the award to Denhollander. Ford’s self-indulgent message about taking “a huge risk … when the odds are seemingly stacked against you” and how “we all have the power to create real change” made the award about Ford, not Denhollander.

To choose Ford, whose accusations were unproven, to present an award to a real victim upstaged that victim, and Sports Illustrated should be ashamed. As we’ve said before, mixing false accusations with true ones undermines legitimate charges of sexual assault and, in fact, the entire #MeToo movement feminists claim to support.

Yet that’s not all. Sports Illustrated is the same rag that earlier this year published a #MeToo swimsuit issue. In it, naked women with words written on their bodies posed provocatively to ostensibly make the point that their bodies were not men’s play things. It was as hypocritical as it was objectifying of women. And it actually makes the magazine’s phony award doubly shameful.