Modern Education: Activism Has Displaced Academics

Fascism in our schools is raising kids who are the antithesis of what the Founders stood for.

Robin Smith · Dec. 17, 2018

The first school in the United States, founded in 1635, was the Boston Latin School where five of the signers of our Constitution attended — John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Treat Paine, and William Hooper. The colonial home, however, was the place where the nation’s first teachers, mothers, taught their children to read by using the Bible.

In “A Place of Reading,” the American Antiquarian Society noted, “Mothers, entrusted with the care and well-being of their children’s souls, faithfully sat them down and taught them to read at home. … The Bible, however, was the staple instructional reading text. The most humble of homes usually possessed a Bible or two with which to instruct children and to engage in daily religious devotions.” The homes of the colonies taught reading to both girls and boys and, as the historical archive of printed material published through 1876, observed, “Children were considered ready for further educational instruction outside the home once they had mastered reading the Bible, but not before then.”

Once in a grammar school, the Holy Bible was supplemented by primers and horn books (wooden tablets with a handle that had a writings displayed) to expand literacy and prepare children able to progress to writing. Children were in classrooms for only about four months of the year and in a formalized curriculum for about four to five years total.

Today, education is a massive system that has become bureaucratic, with more of a focus on the process rather than the result. What we’re seeing today, in very large measure, is a system influenced by “thought leaders” and individuals with more focus on political correctness and controlling behavior through constructing norms in the classroom that may be, and very often are, contrary to the norms taught in the home or faith community.

What better way to confirm a thesis than with real-time proof.

Let’s look at a couple of instances over the last few weeks in Virginia public schools. First, there’s the teacher who was unanimously fired by the West Point School Board for insubordination. Sounds pretty routine, right?

What was the insubordinate act? Peter Vlaming, a ninth-grade French teacher, was terminated because he said that his Christian faith prevented him from using male pronouns for a student who is biologically female. Vlaming, however, did agree to address the male-identifying female by his/her new name, who remains protected from public awareness. The 47-year-old teacher, who spent a decade studying in France and has been teaching at the Virginia school for almost seven years, is now unemployed and a public piñata for criticism due to his “discrimination,” as alleged by the family of the student “in transition.”

In the same state, just about 100 miles due north as the crow flies, in the Arlington Public Schools, a second-grader, excited to share a story about Daniel from the Bible during show-and-tell, was silenced among his peers by his teacher. As told by his dad, his enthusiastic son stowed away his Bible among his school supplies in his bag for the purpose of telling a story that was important to him that involved the Jewish man whose courage and determination was used by God.

The eight-year-old exclaimed to his dad, “The teacher stopped me from speaking and went on to the next person. I didn’t get to tell them about Daniel.”

Ah, there it is.

If a young person is suffering gender dysphoria in spite of their DNA, anatomy, and hormones, it matters that they are not offended and their conjured up “rights” are protected as speech under the First Amendment. But Christian faith doesn’t deserve to be protected, along with their own speech under that same First Amendment either as a teacher or even an eight-year-old.

Wake up parents, grandparents, and Patriots! We must reclaim our education system and stop the indoctrination. Our children deserve academics, not activism in the classroom. The colonial home, with family as the first teachers, raised the Founders of our nation. The fascism in our schools, deconstructing our families, is raising the socialists who’ll ruin it.

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