The Patriot Post® · Friday Short Cuts

By Political Editors ·

The BIG Lie I: “The president is doing everything that he can to shut the government down.” —House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

The BIG Lie II: “The administration is now deciding they will make an assault on poor people in America. … Why at Christmas would you take food out of the mouths of the American people?” —Nancy Pelosi

Non Compos Mentis: “I firmly believe the [Constitution] permits indicting a sitting president, but if DOJ disagrees, indicting his children, the Trump Org & Foundation for their roles in wrongdoing is a great alternative — or addition.” —Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks

Dezinformatsiya I: “[Trump] has taken full credit for things that he doesn’t deserve full credit for because a lot of this stuff gets set in motion before, and a lot of it is about the end of the Obama presidency. He then has to take full blame for it when in the second two years of his presidency, after his policies have had more time to kick in, the economy is doing worse.” —New York Times columnist Frank Bruni

Dezinformatsiya II: “He rode the Obama economy for the first part of the presidency. He’s still riding it!” —CNN’s Don Lemon

Speak of the devil: “I’d say we’re in for contentious times and for too many rules, too many constricting mandates and probably too much spending.” —California Gov. Jerry Brown

Alpha Jackass: “It is repugnant to me and astonishing to me that during Christmas, I like to call it the holiday season to be inclusive, but during Christmas the majority always wants to just call it Christmas, a time in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, a Jesus Christ who had to flee for his life with Mary and Joseph. Thank God there wasn’t a wall that stopped him from seeking refuge in Egypt. Thank God that wall wasn’t there, and thank God there wasn’t an administration like this or he would have too perished.” —Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) (Evidently, he’s never heard of King Herod.)

And last… “The reason a secure border wall has not been — and may not be — built is not apprehension that it would not work, but rather real fear that it would work only too well.” —Victor Davis Hanson