The Left's Strange Alliance With Islam

The Left sides with the "Religion of Peace," ignoring its horrific record on individual rights.

Culture Beat · Jan. 3, 2019

Following the West’s near-universal acceptance of postmodernism, in which Enlightenment values that championed the rights of the individual have been eroded into near obscurity in the face of leftists’ incessant demands for “social justice” for various “oppressed” identity groups, an unusual and unlikely alliance has been created. Leftists have clasped hands with Islamists in their effort to overthrow the “patriarchy” of the Enlightened West.

The Federalist’s Mahir Ahmed notes the irony, writing, “Of all the ideologies the left has aligned itself with through minority representation, I find the strangest of all to be Islam. The left’s alliance with Islam is unique, not only because Islam is at odds with Enlightenment values, as most collectivist systems are, but mainly because Islam is at odds with rights the left pride themselves in protecting.”

Ahmed continues, “Ex-Muslims, LGBT Muslims, and independent, dissenting Muslim women have always had to fear for their lives, and they continue to do so today in Muslim-majority countries. It is extremely strange that the same left that used to defend human rights worldwide somehow decided to align itself with Islam, only to help further endanger the lives of dissenting individuals within the Muslim community, not only in Muslim-majority countries, but even here in the West.”

The obvious question arises: What is the endgame for leftists who so willingly embrace Islam, which itself promotes a value systems that runs counter to almost everything the Left claims to value? The modern Left has become so obsessed in its commitment to destroy capitalism and the Western “patriarchy” that it has willingly and eagerly aligned itself with a medieval-era monster that will turn and eat it at the first opportunity.

The Left warns of the danger posed by a nonexistent Judeo-Christian “theocracy” while at the same time blindly embracing an alliance with a worldview that fundamentally rejects the concept of the separation of church mosque and state. As Ahmed concludes, “The message I am trying to convey here is not about waging war against Islam. It is rather about going back to the basics of Enlightenment values, and to set the individual above all else. It is about pushing back against granting Islam immunity from criticism.”

In reality, it’s no surprise to see leftists fighting against the very values system that gave them a right to free thought in the first place.

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