Thursday Short Cuts

"The failure of Pelosi/Schumer to compromise w[ith] Trump on the wall is leading us to a bad place." —Ari Fleischer

Political Editors · Jan. 10, 2019

Insight: “Knowledge is more a matter of learning than of the exercise of absolute judgment. Learning requires time, and in time the situation dealt with, as well as the learner, undergoes change.” —Frank H. Knight (1885-1972)

Observations: “Fact: If Trump had refused to sign a budget without border wall funding back in 2017, we’d have a wall right now. Or at least large portions of a wall. Republicans only try to do important things once they no longer have the power to do it. It’s been the same pattern for decades.” —Matt Walsh

Braying Jackass I: “Sadly, what President Trump is trying to do is create fear and hatred in our country. Instead of trying to bring us together as a people, he is trying to divide us up. And in the process, divert our attention from the real crises facing the working families of this nation. … The scientific community has made it very clear in telling us that climate change is real and is causing devastating harm to our country and the entire planet. … Mr. President, we don’t need to create artificial crises. We have enough real crises.” —Bernie Sanders

Braying Jackass II: “We are trying to undo the game plan that Ronald Reagan put forward in 1980. And that game plan on the surface was: capitalism is good, and just; markets are fair; unions are bad; personal responsibility determines everything. And what did that mean in practice? … It means you have to pay for tax cuts by cutting education. You have to cut health care. You have to allow corporations to pollute as much as they want and make as much as they want. It means you push really hard for guns. You push really hard against abortion. And you push really hard against non-white immigrants. There’s some other things you do. You try and make sure you suppress the vote in youth and minority communities because you figure they’re not gonna vote for you.” —Tom Steyer

And last… “The failure of Pelosi/Schumer to compromise [with] Trump on the wall is leading us to a bad place. Of course Trump will use ‘emergency’ powers to do it on his own. (Similar to what Obama did [with] DACA, via exec order.) The nation will further divide. Compromise is a far better answer.” —Ari Fleischer

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