Leftists Berate the Pences for Their Christian Faith

Karen Pence teaches at an orthodox Christian school. "For shame!" shout intolerant leftists.

Robin Smith · Jan. 21, 2019

When the Left heralds women’s rights and the value of women or champions causes on the behalf of women, understand that the only women of whom they speak as having value are those who reject true femininity and live life offended and angry at the opposite gender — all while insisting that men should behave more like women. Establishing this frame of reference is important to appreciate the context of the attacks on Karen Pence, whose sole “offense” was to be a conservative female who dares to live her Christian faith gracefully.

The haters of those who dare to live life in freedom of faith went completely off their collective rails when it was made public that Second Lady Karen Pence has returned to teaching art at a Christian school in the DC area. The fact that the school is founded upon and operates with the values specified in the Bible automatically positions it as a school that supports and employs “homophobic” action. Cultural “progressives” can’t abide anyone who lives their faith as outlined in God’s Holy Word.

Plainly, their argument is with God, not with orthodox Christians. Yet the targets of their hate, anger, and persecution are those who dare to adhere to biblical teachings, and “the free exercise thereof” enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

What did the cultural “progressives” have to say? The mainstream media — the echo chamber of the Left — blared such headlines:

  • “Karen Pence’s Job at an Anti-LGBT School Is Definitely the Taxpayers’ Business”
  • “Second Lady Karen Pence to Return to Teaching Art at Homophobic Christian School”
  • “Karen Pence Should Not Be Teaching at an Anti-LGBTQ School”
  • “Karen Pence’s New Teaching Job Is At A Homophobic School”

Meanwhile, celebrity “Christians” like Lady Gaga attacked the Pences as “the worst representation of what it means to be a Christian.” Why? Because, Gaga says, “I am a Christian woman, and what I do know about Christianity is that we bear no prejudice and everybody is welcome.”

Sinners are indeed welcome … to repent and believe, not to demand that God “accept” whatever lifestyle they choose.

The leftist argument is targeted at conservative Christians. Politically, their real argument is that they do not want to honor or permit the equal application of the First Amendment provision that protects an American’s right to worship and exercise his or her faith free of government interference.

There is no way to keep up with the countless times that the moral high ground supposedly occupied by the Left is quickly revealed to be a pile of rocks hurled at their opponents, not substantive principles rooted in truth or morality.

Speaking of the Pences and the media, it hasn’t been all that long since Vice President Mike Pence was roundly mocked for a stance he chooses to take, first referenced in 2002, to avoid dining alone with a female. His caution has kept him from any #MeToo headlines or scandals — which is exactly what leftists claim to want — but the Left was too busy declaring this stance as potentially illegal when applied in the work setting to care.

The larger leftist effort is to apply their own morality, constructed as culture changes according to the whims of humanity and the emotional lurches of society, instead of timeless truths that have been taught, lived, and tested for centuries. According to the secular “morality” of the Left, Christians are bigots, homophobes, xenophobes, racists, fascists, and whatever other name they can produce from their tired lexicon of hate. The never-ending offense of the Left fosters irrational thinking instead of simple logic that would understand a Christian teacher might want to teach in a Christian school and why a married man or woman would take a little extra caution to avoid mischaracterizations at best and succumbing to temptations at the worst in protecting their own marriages.

There’s at least one very interesting difference between leftists whose attacks on Mike and Karen Pence, and any other Christian who lives their faith strongly with courage in this day, is the result of the application of their supposed beliefs. In their world of social justice, self-gratifying license substituted for Liberty that results from a decent society, leftists’ god looks more and more like fallen humanity. When the teachings of Christianity are applied and lived, humanity looks more like Christ.

Take the criticism and choose the best path.

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