Jackson Lee Sunk by #MeToo Trouble

Texas Dem resigns from CBC Foundation over accusations of retaliation against an alleged rape victim.

Political Editors · Jan. 24, 2019

Wednesday brought another scalp of the #MeToo movement, and this time it was a black woman. Democrat Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee resigned as chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and “temporarily” gave up her gavel as chair of the House Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on crime, though she’ll retain her House seat — for now. Why? There are, according to The Daily Wire, “claims that she retaliated against a former staffer who accused a Congressional Black Caucus aide of sexual assault.”

The Wire lays out the sequence of events:

The staffer, who goes by the name “Jane Doe” in the complaint, claims she was drugged and then raped by a prominent aide to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation after a group event several years ago, when she was an intern for the group (the alleged perpetrator, she says, was her intern coordinator). Although Doe went to the police at the time and had a rape kit completed, she chose not to pursue the case any further.

Years later, while working as a staffer in Jackson Lee’s office, Doe found herself faced with the possibility of working alongside her alleged attacker; Jackson Lee’s office was floating the former CBC Foundation aide as a potential addition to the office. She approached Jackson Lee’s chief of staff to voice her concerns, and added that she planned on now pursuing legal action against her alleged attacker, if possible.

Jackson Lee’s chief of staff allegedly told Doe he would take her concerns to the congresswoman, but no meeting on the subject was ever set. Instead, two weeks later, Jane Doe was fired.

After a week of mounting pressure to step aside, Jackson Lee finally did. She insists she’s innocent and that she’ll be “exonerated,” but the very fact of her actions says there’s something to these accusations. We also know the Democrat Party has a very checkered history regarding the treatment of women. Yet they continue to throw stones from their glass house.

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