The Patriot Post® · American Socialists Unite Behind Tyrant Maduro

By Nate Jackson ·

Venezuela’s experiment with socialism has yielded predictable results, and the nation’s people are beginning to rise up against that tyranny. As our Thomas Gallatin noted last week, “On … the anniversary of the ousting of military dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez in 1958, the president of Venezuela’s National Assembly, Juan Guaido, took the presidential oath before a massive crowd filling the streets of Caracas.” President Donald Trump immediately moved to support Guaido diplomatically and tighten the screws on dictator Nicolas Maduro economically. The administration announced new sanctions yesterday against Petroleos de Venezuela, the state-owned oil company, which could result in $11 billion in lost sales.

Perhaps these U.S. moves — and National Security Advisor John Bolton’s warning that even military action is “on the table” to stabilize the country — explain why Guaido is still alive and holding rallies in Caracas.

So what are the Democrat socialism deniers saying about Trump’s moves against their preferred form of government?

Bernie Sanders is “feeling the Bern,” declaring, “The United States should support the rule of law, fair elections and self-determination for the Venezuelan people. We must condemn the use of violence against unarmed protesters and the suppression of dissent. However, we must learn the lessons of the past and not be in the business of regime change or supporting coups — as we have in Chile, Guatemala, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. The United States has a long history of inappropriately intervening in Latin American countries; we must not go down that road again.”

That’s right. Sanders is so worried about “regime change” that he’d rather support an anti-American murderous tyrant who stole the 2018 election.

And California Democrat Ro Khanna got a retweet of endorsement from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for saying, “The U.S. should not anoint the leader of the opposition in Venezuela during an internal, polarized conflict.” Khanna might want to look up the word “anoint.” It was the elected Venezuelan National Assembly, not the Trump administration, that installed Guaido, and only after a protracted constitutional battle involving Maduro’s hand-picked Supreme Court dissolving the Assembly and reversing course only under international pressure.

Meanwhile, Demo Rep. Ilhan Omar decried “Trump’s efforts to install a far right opposition.” Wrong again — Guaido is actually center-left.

The history of Venezuelan socialism over the last few years is appalling. Is the Democrat position really that, no matter how bad an executive gets, “impeachment” is off the table? Keep that in mind as they #Resist the duly elected president of our own nation. A president, by the way, who’s leading a resurgence in economic freedom that stands in stark contrast to the Democrat/Maduro model.