The Patriot Post® · Left Attacks Nominee for Kavanaugh's Circuit Court Seat

By Political Editors ·

The Left’s opposition to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, which resulted in one of the more egregious displays of politically motivated character assassination in recent memory by the Democrats, was clearly not put to bed upon his confirmation. Not only have several congressional Democrats indicated that they plan to seek impeaching Kavanaugh to appease their leftist constituents, they are now gearing up to attack his would-be replacement.

The Wall Street Journal notes that President Donald Trump’s nominee to fill the seat on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals vacated by Kavanaugh, Neomi Rao, is having her past statements and college writings dug up and “exposed” by Leftmedia propagandist BuzzFeed. According to the Journal, “Here comes BuzzFeed with the scoop of the year that Ms. Rao ‘wrote inflammatory opeds in college.’ Yes, apparently this is why some people get into journalism. The story is clearly an oppo-research dump, probably from the left-wing Alliance for Justice, which is trying to torpedo Ms. Rao.”

BuzzFeed’s story blasts Rao over writing an article for the Yale Herald in which she expressed the belief that alcohol complicates relationships. Rao once wrote, “It has always seemed self-evident to me that even if I drank a lot, I would still be responsible for my actions. A man who rapes a drunk girl should be prosecuted. At the same time, a good way to avoid a potential date rape is to stay reasonably sober.” For shame! How dare Rao offer some practical advice? Isn’t she simply blaming the victim?

All joking aside, the Left is targeting Rao because she poses as a serious future threat to their socialist agenda. As the Journal further observes, “The irony is that the left is making Ms. Rao a political target precisely because she’s a woman of color. She’s the daughter of immigrants who landed in Detroit from India in a January 1972 snowstorm with little money and no winter coats, as she told Congress in 2017. The left is afraid she might someday be a Supreme Court nominee.” It’s just a reminder that, to the Left, “diversity” means anything but diversity of thought.