Friday Short Cuts

Tone-deaf: "I was really surprised by the line of questioning that I got." —Virginia Del. Kathy Tran

Political Editors · Feb. 1, 2019

Observations: “I don’t know which is worse, the left having lied for so many years about their intentions on social issues … or the reality that they don’t feel like they have to lie anymore.” —David Limbaugh

For the record: “Here you have videos of Democratic politicians making at least seemingly shocking statements on a controversial issue where their party is way on the wrong side of public opinion. … Yet somehow the same kind of mainstream (not left-wing) journalists and editors who were commissioning thinkpieces about white supremacy within an hour of the Covington video managed to control themselves, to resist tweeting the story, to hang back, to ask for context … and then finally to write news stories framed as stories about ‘conservative backlash.’” —Ross Douthat

Braying Jenny: “I’m sorry, I just don’t know what he said.” —Nancy Pelosi when asked about infanticide comments by Virginia’s Democrat governor

Pass the bill to find out what’s in it: “I made a mistake, and all I know to do is to admit it, tell the truth, and let the chips fall where they may. If you follow my newsletter or have written to me to ask about my votes, you know that I do my best to read and research every bill I vote on. But I did not read a bill I agreed to co-patron and that wasn’t smart or typical. I will work harder and be better for it.” —Virginia Del. Dawn Adams, whose indifference toward life inside the womb was reason enough to “unwittingly” support infanticide

Tone-deaf: “I was really surprised by the line of questioning that I got.” —Virginia Del. Kathy Tran, author of the Repeal Act

Non Compos Mentis: “Our children & grandchildren should grow up in a world where they can breathe the air & drink the water — and go outside without risking their lives in extreme temperatures. It’s time to protect our planet & pass a Green New Deal. #PolarVortex2019” —Elizabeth Warren (Since when were temperatures a linear measurement?)

And last… “Please stop killing undocumented infants who are trying to cross the border of the birth canal in hopes of a better life. Every undocumented infant deserves a chance at the American dream.” —Matt Walsh

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