The Patriot Post® · Is Cuomo Digging His Own Political Grave?

By Jordan Candler ·

There is noteworthy disfavor in New York stemming from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s preoccupation with late-term abortion. Current polling shows that his approval rating is at a career-low 43% — a month-over-month drop of eight percentage points. Even worse, his “excellent” or “good” performance evaluation is at a paltry 35%, whereas 64% of respondents define his performance as “fair” or “poor.”

Cuomo has been governor of New York since 2011, and in the years since he’s become increasingly emboldened to force his extreme leftist ideology on the state and inspire it elsewhere. This culminated in his recent signing of a bill that not only authorizes but encourages late-term abortions. His polling slump most assuredly isn’t coincidental.

We know this because even most pro-choice advocates have a limit. YouGov/Americans United for Life has published new survey results on the matter. Sixty-eight percent of this group take issue with abortions within a day of birth, and a similar 66% assail third-trimester abortions in general. Moreover, of this same group, 77% agree with medically protecting viable children.

Cuomo dug thousands upon thousands of additional graves when he signed New York’s late-term abortion law. But he’s possibly also dug himself his own political grave — and nobody should lament his downfall assuming it ever happens.