The Patriot Post® · Higher Education? More Like Leftist Indoctrination

By Culture Beat ·

What passes for higher education these days should leave one questioning if one has entered an episode of “The Twilight Zone.” It’s no secret that American academic institutions have been increasingly overrun with leftist professors in recent decades. However, what this glut of one-sided perspectives has been promoting as education is anything but. It would be more accurate to describe America’s institutions of high “learning” as leftist indoctrination centers, where only progressive group-think is espoused or often even allowed.

Young America’s Foundation recently released its annual list of available college courses it calls “Comedy & Tragedy,” which provide “an overview of the most egregious” examples of leftist bias on American campuses.

For example, students can enroll in the following:

  • ENGL 277: Gender in Gaming (University of Illinois)

  • WOMENSTD 434: Eco/Queer/Feminist Art Practices (University of Michigan)

  • AFAMST 339: Unsettling Whiteness (Northwestern University)

  • RELG 032: Queering God: Feminist and Queer Theology (Swarthmore College)

  • AMST 0325: American Misogyny (Middlebury College)

  • FRS 139: Marx in the 21st Century (Princeton University)

  • GWS 142: Queering Childhood (Pomona College)

  • SOCI 460: Global Capitalism and Racism (University of Tennessee)

  • GNSS 1961: Humanity or Nah? Blackness, Gender, Resistance, and Memory in Monuments, Maps, and Archives (Brown University)

As The Federalist’s Spencer Brown observes, “It’s no wonder figures like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rocketed straight out of liberal institutions and onto the national stage with proposals like the Green New Deal — they’re doing exactly as they were taught.”