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Cop Has Convinced 200 People Not to Jump Off Golden Gate

As part of his job, this California Highway Patrol Officer talks to suicidal people.

Culture Beat · Feb. 28, 2019

“Kevin Briggs has been called the "Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge”. He got the nickname while working as a California Highway Patrol officer for more than 23 years. Briggs spent most of that time positioned on the Golden Gate Bridge. But the job turned out to be a lot more than he originally thought he was signing up for.

“When Briggs started out in 1994, he was trained to handle traffic incidents but had never received training on how to deal with people contemplating suicide. He didn’t know at the time how pervasive the issue of suicide on the bridge was. ‘There were four to six cases of suicidal folks on the bridge each and every month. And I had no idea about this, and I grew up in Marin County, which connects to San Francisco via that Golden Gate Bridge. … I had no training to handle these types of situations.’”

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