The Patriot Post® · Left Launches Phase Two of 'Obstruct Trump' Crusade

By Thomas Gallatin ·

On Monday, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) launched a second wave of the Democrats’ long-running attempt to take down President Donald Trump. Using a dragnet approach, Nadler sent requests to more than 80 individuals, agencies, and entities for documents related to Trump’s personal, business, and political life, with the hope of finding something — anything — to justify impeaching the president. While admitting there was no evidence yet uncovered to support the allegation that Trump has actually engaged in any criminal activity, Nadler asserted, “Our goal is to hold the administration accountable for the obstruction of justice, the abuse of power and the corruption.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders had a different take, however, as she unmasked the Democrats’ real motives: “They’re not after the truth. They are after the president.”

Rep. Doug Collins, the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, deftly called out the Democrats for their obvious witch hunt, stating, “We don’t even know what the Mueller report says, but Democrats are already hedging their bets. After recklessly prejudging the president for obstruction, Chairman Nadler is pursuing evidence to back up his conclusion because, as he admits, ‘We don’t have the facts yet.’”

A few things to be pointed out regarding this predictable action taken by House Democrats:

First and most significantly, Nadler’s actions make it patently clear that Democrats have determined Robert Muller’s forthcoming investigation report into the Trump/Russia collusion conspiracy will be a giant nothingburger.

Second, it exposes the fact that Democrats are primarily committed to pursuing political power over and against what is good for the country. They care little for the consequences their actions may have on the economy, foreign policy, the Constitution, and future elections.

Third, Democrats have coalesced and hardened around their number-one political issue: hatred of Trump. He must be hampered and obstructed at every turn, with the goal of either seeing him impeached or so politically damaged that he fails to win reelection. Since this is the course Democrats are committed to chart through 2020, expect only more of this politically motivated obstructionism from the donkeys.