The Patriot Post® · The Day Liberals Went Brain Dead

By Roger Helle ·

We all remember President Barack Obama’s first meeting with Republican leaders after his election. He stated, “Elections have consequences. I won!” We all know how well that worked. Americans elected someone to unite us but we got a divider. Well, elections do have consequences and the Republican Party can take much of the blame for losing the House this past election.

What we are being promised is endless investigations into anything and everything to throw as much doubt on President Donald Trump and his administration as possible. Speaker Pelosi said if the shutdown ended she would negotiate with Trump in good faith. We’re waiting. But what I believe has shocked most Americans is the sudden rush to legalize abortion, removing any and all restrictions right up to the moment of birth.

If that wasn’t shocking enough, the governor of Virginia, a pediatric neurologist, was being interviewed about the pending legislation to allow late-term abortion. He stated the baby would be born and placed in a room and made comfortable while the doctor and mother discussed whether to murder the baby or not! Color me skeptical, but does it not seem interesting that the photos from him in medical school either in “blackface” or a KKK costume popped up? Suddenly we’re no longer discussing the murdering of a newborn child, but a 30-year-old yearbook photo. But not to worry, the entire matter is being quickly forgotten. The governor and scandals involving the lieutenant governor and state attorney general have all been forgotten by the media.

Let’s not forget the new media darling, newly minted former bartender and now Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Up to this point, she has been very amusing to watch and listen to. Graduating from Boston University with a degree in economics and international relations, she is a walking gaffe machine! If I were her parents, I would ask for a refund of her tuition. But now she is pushing her New Green Deal, which would send our country’s economy back to the agrarian age. Didn’t Mao, Pol Pot, and Stalin try that? At a cost of a couple of hundred million lives all totaled, I might add.

But that’s the price we pay for “progress!” Now if she were the only one that believed that’s a good idea, we could laugh it off. But most of the Democrat candidates running to be president are endorsing this nonsense like she’s the new Albert Einstein. I want to be kind to her, but whenever she opens her mouth she sounds like an idiot. To watch the media fawn over her as if she said something profound leaves you wondering what has happened to our country.

I know there are still moderates in the Democratic Party, but where are you? If you don’t speak up on the direction your party is going, you may not have a party in the very near future. Don’t check your brain at the moment you cast your vote.

Something to think about?