Leftist Rahm Emanuel Warns Party Is Too Far Left

Obama's former chief of staff warns Dems that it will be their fault if Trump is reelected.

Political Editors · Mar. 14, 2019

In a recently published article in The Atlantic, Barack Obama’s former White House chief of staff and outgoing two-term mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, offered a warning to his own Democrat Party. “Earth to Democrats,” writes Emanuel, “Republicans are telling you something when they gleefully schedule votes on proposals like the Green New Deal, Medicare for all, and a 70 percent marginal tax rate. When they’re more eager to vote on the Democratic agenda than we are, we should take a step back and ask ourselves whether we’re inadvertently letting the political battle play out on their turf rather than our own.” He then pointedly adds, “If Trump’s only hope for winning a second term turns on his ability to paint us as socialists, we shouldn’t play to type.”

Emanuel later asserts, “As Democrats, our first, second, and third priorities should be to produce a candidate who will appeal to the widest swath of both moderate and progressive voters. The president’s low approval ratings suggest that, if he wins a second term, Democrats will have no one to blame but ourselves.” Translation: Democrats are not hiding their extreme leftism well enough and are risking losing to President Donald Trump a second time.

Emanuel recognizes that Democrats have lurched so far to the extreme left that many moderates are being turned off. While there are moderate voters who are no fans of Trump, the anti-capitalist, pro-socialism rhetoric currently flowing from the mouths of Democrats may push those voters to either abstain from voting, vote third party, or maybe even pull the lever for Trump. At the very least, with Trump in the White House, they can bank on their Liberty being protected and keeping more of their hard-earned money.

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